Hi, My name is Kevin Bartsch I run Delicate Development. I started photographing to seek out the nature of people by shooting lifestyle photography. To capture a persons true self with the camera has become my goal. There is a great satisfaction of creating images that can leave a person rapt in awe while trying to comprehend the joy of natures most beautiful gifts. Whether it be the image of people animals or a breath taking view of the lands we call home. As I photograph the world around us I am searching for a freedom and authenticity for lifestyles of places and ideas.
As I click the shutter of my camera I feel the capture of beauty whether that is through the people I meet or the places I visit.
Life can seem hectic at times photography has enabled me to be able stop and take a look around to try and capture a sense of relaxation. Shooting people places animals or contemplanting the next new idea is the driving force behind my photography.
I specialize in family, senior, wedding and fine art portraits. As well as concept and product photograhy
There are events in life that photography can immortalize and sometime you feel that you would like it shared with your friends family and sometimes the world. If There is an event or photgraph you would like taken please contact me for a pricing option.

I am currently booking shoots for senior photos, wedding, and rock bands if you would like more info please let me know.
As far as the photo sessions go I do some studio work but most of time we are out on location I do not really set any time limits. I beleive working with the customer to come up with the pictures that they want.